Annual Wellness Visit

For Men and Women

What is a Wellness Visit?

A wellness visit is an opportunity for you to discuss with Dr Clifford your medical health. In this visit, you will discuss your chronic medical conditions including your medications. Dr. Clifford will ensure that your medications are right for you and if labs are needed. Common wellness labs include a complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel and thyroid function studies. Prostate health can also be screened for with a PSA. Age based screening including mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density and adult vaccinations will be discussed as well. A physical exam will focus on your individual needs and will be based on sound medical evidence. Both men and women’s comprehensive examinations are offered.

Why would I need a Wellness Visit?

Wellness visits are meant to prevent further health problems. Often they are referred to as a preventative health care visit. We will screen for health problems like breast, colon and cervical cancer, diabetes, obesity and thyroid disorders. We can also address conditions related to your cardiovascular, neurologic and gastrointestinal system. We are dedicate to maintain and improve your quality of life.

Medical Services Provided

Below is a resource guide of just a few medical services that Dr. Clifford can help you and your family with. Come stop by our office to see where patients are FAMILY.

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