Joint Injections

What is a joint injection?

A joint injection is a procedure your doctor uses to introduce medication into a joint. The injection is done under sterile conditions using a syringe and needle.

What are the goals of a joint injection?

The goals of a joint injection are to relieve pain and improve joint function. Your orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist can also confirm your diagnosis when giving a joint injection.

What signs indicate that a joint injection might be needed?

An injection may be needed if you have redness, pain, swelling, loss of smooth motion, and trouble with walking normal distances.

When should I avoid a joint injection?

Joint injection should be avoided in certain situations. Some of these include the presence of skin or blood infections and a history of allergic response to the injectable medication or its components.

In addition, your surgeon may rule out a joint injection if there was little improvement after a previous injection, you have a bleeding disorder or are on blood thinning medication, you have poorly controlled diabetes, or your body has problems fighting infections.

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