Newborn And

Well-Child Care

Keeping your baby health and feeling well is the top priority of any parent. At Clifford Family Medicine, we know how it goes. Whether it’s your firstborn or you’ve already had a child before, there’s going to be unexpected challenges as you try to keep your baby as healthy as possible while they grow up.

With a well-baby clinic, like the facility at Clifford Family Medicine, you can get a well child exam to ensure that your child is staying healthy in his or her earliest moments. A well child exam helps you and your doctor to spot any warning signs

Well Child Care

A well child exam is a very important component to anyone with a newborn. Typically, doctors will ask that you return one to three days after your child was born to get his or her first child wellness exam. After you have visited a well-baby clinic for the first time and your baby has had the first exam, follow-up well exams are recommended once every two to three months for at least the first year.

What to Expect During Your Baby’s Wellness Exam

When visiting a well-baby clinic for your child’s wellness exams, staff will be looking at a series of measurements and examinations that answer a series of questions for the doctor, such as the following:

  • How much does the baby weigh and how long is your baby?
  • How well is your baby feeding?
  • How well is your baby sleeping?
  • Any concerns regarding urinating and stooling?
  • Questions regarding your child’s development (i.e. head control, imitation of sounds and facial expressions, rolling over, grabbing at objects, etc.)

There are a lot of questions that doctors must ask, in the form of tests and measurements, some of which are more important at different stages of their newborn life.

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