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April 1, 2018
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Since opening in August of 2017, we have strived to provide the absolute best in complete family healthcare. From the tremendous support by the City of Chubbuck, City of Pocatello, supporting
individuals, and of course our patients, we believe we are achieving that goal. With the continued increase in patient volume we are excited to share some important news with you.

To better serve each patient, we are adding Sharla Clark, MD to our team. Dr. Clark has been a local practitioner at InterMountain Medical for 3 years. The care her current patients receive is superb and we are thrilled to have her insights, knowledge, and devotion added to our team. With Dr. Clark, our ability to provide individual and attentive care to every patient will remain achievable as we continue to grow with the community.

As an alignment to better improve community care, Clifford Family Medicine has joined in a clinical partnership with Bingham Memorial Hospital. We are enthusiastic to join Bingham Memorial Hospital in their efforts to uplift and advance our communities through their many philanthropic & volunteer efforts. As a hospital, Bingham Memorial continues to be on the front line for the advancement of patient care, technological improvement, and compassionate treatment. Their nationally ranked satisfaction in patient care and reputation in the state will amplify our vision to provide patient oriented healthcare to the residents of Southeastern Idaho.

We thank everyone for their continued support and understanding as this transition commences.


Kyle Clifford, MD

Sharla Clark, MD, DO